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Discover Delicious and Convenient Grocery Finds at Mohican Market and Café

Discover Delicious and Convenient Grocery Finds at Mohican Market and Café

Finding the perfect balance of delicious, healthy, and time-saving foods for your family can be a challenge. At Mohican Market and Café, we're passionate about curating a selection that makes feeding your loved ones both satisfying and stress-free. Explore our aisles and discover grocery finds, local specialties, convenient frozen options, and an expansive gluten-free selection that will transform your meal planning.

Local Favorites, Right at Your Fingertips

We believe in supporting our community and celebrating the flavors of our region. That's why we highlight local foods prominently in our store. From crisp Ohio apples to farmstead cheeses and small-batch honey, you'll find unique and delicious products that add a touch of local flavor to your table.

Frozen Foods: Beyond the Basics

Our frozen food section is anything but ordinary. Stocked with high-quality, convenient options, it's your secret weapon for busy weeknights. Find pre-prepped vegetables, flavorful stir-fry mixes, whole-grain pizzas, and even gourmet ice cream–all ready to save you time and effort without sacrificing taste.

Gluten-Free Without Compromise

Eating gluten-free shouldn't mean missing out on your favorite foods. Our dedicated gluten-free selection is a testament to our commitment to dietary inclusivity. Discover flavorful breads, pastas, baking mixes, and snacks that prove delicious and gluten-free can absolutely coexist.

More Than Just Groceries

Mohican Market and Café offers a complete shopping experience. Grab a freshly-brewed coffee or a treat from our bakery while you browse. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help you find something new, offer recipe inspiration, or simply provide a friendly smile.

Rediscover the Joy of Food Shopping

At Mohican Market and Café, grocery shopping isn't a chore–it's an opportunity to find delicious solutions that work for your family. Visit us and experience a grocery store that puts quality, convenience, and a touch of local charm at the forefront.

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