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Grassfed Longhorn Beef

Looking for healthy beef? Check out our grassfed Longhorn Beef. What’s so great about our local Longhorn? The beef is extremely lean which means less fat, fewer calories, and lower cholesterol. When we eat healthy we feel better!

Discover the health benefits of our Longhorn beef. You can buy a ½ or full steer straight from us. Raised on our family farm in Knox County, Ohio. Contact us at 419-994-1414 today.

Longhorn Pricing

The cost for our Longhorn is $3.75 per pound hanging weight + the butcher’s processing fee. Hanging weight averages about 240 lbs. per ½ steer. The processing fee ranges between $200 and $275 per ½ steer. For example, a ½ steer with a 200 lb. hanging weight would cost about $950.

MeatCaloriesCholesterol (mg)Fat (gm)Protein (gm)
Ground Beef28990.020.724.1
Top Round18084.64.931.7
Pot Roast210101.07.633.0
Pork Chops20282.78.130.2
Pork Loin19079.69.828.6
Lamb Chop21695.89.730.0
Lamb Leg19189.77.728.3
Chicken, Dark20593.89.727.4
Chicken, White17385.74.530.9