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Savor the Healthier Choice: Grass-fed Longhorn Beef at Mohican Market & Café

Savor the Healthier Choice: Grass-fed Longhorn Beef at Mohican Market & Café

In the quest for healthier eating choices, Mohican Market & Café stands out with its premium offering of grass-fed Longhorn beef. Raised on the lush pastures of Knox County, Ohio, our Longhorn cattle are an example of the commitment of providing not just food, but nourishment that benefits both body and soul.

Why Choose Grass-fed Longhorn Beef?

Our Longhorn beef is celebrated for its exceptional leanness, making it a superior choice for health-conscious meat lovers. With significantly less fat, fewer calories, and lower cholesterol compared to conventional beef, Longhorn beef is the epitome of guilt-free indulgence. Every bite packs a powerful punch of flavor without compromising on nutritional value.

Nutritional Superiority

The numbers speak for themselves. With only 140 calories, 3.7 grams of fat, and a robust 25.5 grams of protein per serving, Longhorn beef outshines its counterparts. Whether you're comparing it to ground beef, pork chops, or even lamb, Longhorn beef offers a healthier alternative without sacrificing taste or texture.

From Our Farm to Your Table

Sourced directly from our family farm, our Longhorn beef is available for purchase by the half or full steer. This not only ensures you get the freshest meat possible, but also allows you to support local agriculture. By choosing our Longhorn beef, you're not just making a healthier choice for your family; you're also contributing to the sustainability of local farming.

Pricing and Purchasing

Offered at $3.75 per pound hanging weight, plus the butcher’s processing fee, our Longhorn beef represents an investment in your health and culinary experience. A half steer, averaging about 240 lbs., translates into a bounty of meals that can be enjoyed in various forms—from steaks and roasts to ground beef for your favorite recipes.

Elite Meats for Every Occasion

At Mohican Market & Café, we understand that quality ingredients are the foundation of great cooking. That's why our friendly staff is always ready to assist with selections for your next meal, party, or large family gathering. Order ahead to customize your choice of cuts, and stop by to pick up your beef along with fresh side dishes.

Embrace a healthier lifestyle without giving up the joys of delicious, savory beef. Mohican Market & Café invites you to discover the unique taste and nutritional benefits of our grass-fed Longhorn beef. It's more than just meat; it's a choice that reflects care for your health and the environment. Visit us today and taste the difference that comes with choosing Longhorn beef from Mohican Market & Café.

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